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published: 24/9/2012

Retrofit strategy matrix supports social housing providers

National Refurbishment Centre (NRC) publishes self-assessment tool for a holistic approach to energy-efficient refurbishment.

The renewal of the HECA commitments in England and the launch of Green Deal means there are opportunities for social housing providers, local authorities and their partners to play a key role in leading energy refurbishment strategies for their communities.

The matrix, originally developed by the East Midlands Development Agency, identifies eight critical themes and for each one sets out a series of prompts to help the providers develop a strategic response. The matrix is intended to enable organisations to assess their current activities and what needs to happen to progress their retrofit strategy.

"While there is as yet no coherent national plan for delivering refurbishment at scale, plans are beginning to emerge at a local level," said NRC Chairman Chris Ward-Brown. Highlighting the role social housing providers and local authorities had in driving forward refurbishment and the need for coherent plan to deliver refurbishment at scale, Ward-Brown hoped the matrix would support the development of local refurbishment plans.

“Whenever the NRC has talked with industry and stakeholders, leadership has featured as one of the key components required to accelerate the delivery of refurbishment at scale," he said. "Leadership requires a coordinated and appropriately positioned vision and plan; hopefully the matrix will help local partners develop their own integrated and holistic approach energy-efficient refurbishment. We welcome feedback about the usefulness of the tool.”

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