Energy Saving Trust's refurbishment projects

The Energy Saving Trust Housing programme has been involved with various refurbishment projects around the UK.

These exemplar home projects achieve a high level of energy efficiency and are used to showcase or trial energy saving and low carbon technologies.

Sheffield Eco-Terrace

The transformation of a typical terraced house in Sheffield into a highly energy efficient one by reducing the CO2 emissions emitted by 76% and lifting it from an EPC band E to a band A.

Refit West

Supported the phase one pilot of this initiative which tested a refurbishment delivery model on 10 homes in Bristol. This model investigated in-depth the whole delivery process for two or three of the first homes involved in this pilot to inform the development of the wider implementation plan (moving up towards 1000 homes by year three of the programme).

Retrofit for the Future

Working with the Technology Strategy Board and in partnership with each of the Retrofit projects to collect data from each of the retrofitted houses, including internal and external temperature, humidity and CO2 levels. This data is being made available through the Refurbishment Portal database  to researchers, social landlords and energy companies to ensure that the most cost effective technologies are employed in future retrofits.

Old Home SuperHome

An ongoing programme from the Sustainable Energy Academy, with support from the Energy Saving Trust, transforming the existing housing stock in the UK, with the ultimate aim of reducing domestic carbon emissions by 60%.

Bristol Green Doors

The Energy Saving Trust have teamed up with Bristol Green Doors to support their programme of Exemplar events.

Affinity Sutton FutureFit programme

FutureFit is a £1.2 million internally funded retrofit project that will deliver low carbon refurbishments to 102 Affinity Sutton homes across the country using a range of low, medium and high cost packages of measures.

Luton energy efficient refurbishment project

The Energy Saving Trust has been working in conjunction with the Building Research Establishment (BRE) and Luton Borough Council providing technical assistance to specify and deliver high level energy efficiency improvements for three Luton BC social housing properties identified as ‘hard to treat’.