Green refurbishment in Europe

A survey of approaches to energy-efficiency retrofit in nine European countries.

The launch of the Feed-in Tariff, Renewable Heat Incentive and the Green Deal loan scheme (in England, Wales and Scotland) demonstrates that energy-efficiency in existing buildings is firmly on the agenda.

Across Europe, government and industry are also seeking to improve the performance of their buildings in order to meet national targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


The BRE Trust and the Modern Built Environment KTN has sponsored the National Refurbishment Centre to undertake a comparative survey of refurbishment-related policies, regulations, programmes and incentives in eight European Union countries and one non-European country.

The aim is to provide users with an entry point for further research, and the section will be updated as policies, regulations and incentives develop.

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Note on sources:

The majority of information is sourced from government or government-associated organisations. For non-English language websites, the links point to Google-translated pages. In some instances, data has been generated by web-based statistical tools provided by national agencies.